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Music Licensing and SOCAN

SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is the licensing agency for the world's repertoire of copyright-protected music. They ensure that music creators and their publishers get paid for the communication to the public and public performance of their music. SOCAN does this by granting performing rights licences to businesses and individuals publicly playing or broadcasting live or recorded music, allowing them access to virtually the world’s entire repertoire of copyright-protected music.

When RCCO centres or members organise an event with live or recorded music, a license fee must be paid to SOCAN in order to abide by federal copyright regulations. The particulars below outline how this can be done, and provide links to further information including license application forms.

These tariff rates are set by the Copyright Board of Canada and there are more than 21 different SOCAN tariffs to accommodate the many different uses of music. Here are the most common ones pertaining to Concerts/Meetings/Conventions, etc.:

Popular Music Concerts – Tariff 4A.1
Where admission is charged, the fee per concert is 3% of gross receipts from ticket sales (minimum $35 per concert). Where no admission is charged, 3% of fees paid to performing artists (also minimum $35 per concert).

Classical Music Concerts – Tariff 4B.1
Where admission is charged, the fee per concert is 1.56% of gross receipts from ticket sales (minimum $35 per concert).  Where no admission is charged, 1.56% of fees paid to performing artists (also minimum $35 per concert).

Rental Functions where either live or recorded music is used – Tariff 8
This tariff pertains to banquet facilities, meeting rooms, reception areas, etc. This is charged per event, and the fee is calculated based on the capacity of the room and whether or not dancing is part of the function. Please note that while it is the facility that holds the licence and is legally responsible, it is common practice to pass along the fee to the client or event producer as one of the costs of the function.

For full details on these and other SOCAN tariffs, or to find out more about SOCAN, visit www.socan.ca. To speak directly to a SOCAN agent, RCCO members may contact 1-866-944-6210 or customers@socan.ca.

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