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Honorary Awards Nominations Deadline February 1
January 14, 2020
By: Lorne Swan
The RCCO honours and celebrates individuals and organizations who, through their work locally or...
Summer Organ Academy 2020 Waitlist Now Open
December 20, 2019
By: Lorne Swan
The waitlist is now open for Summer Organ Academy 2020 taking place July 1-6 in Victoria, BC. ...

How You Can Help

The RCCO Endowment Fund

The RCCO Endowment Fund supports the present and future work of the College. Income received from the Fund is used in various ways: to increase the effectiveness of existing programs, to expand services, and to prepare to meet new challenges in the future. Among the activities supported are the Travelling Clinician Programme, travel assistance for College officers, Publications, Project Grants, Examinations, and various others, for a total over $25,000 annually.

Although not supported by the Endowment Fund, the Muriel Stafford Memorial Fund is also managed by the committee. This fund was set up to generate the third prize for our biennial National Organ Playing Competition.

All these plans and programs, new and continuing, require a robust and expanding endowment for their support, and members and friends are encouraged to contribute. You may consider an annual contribution of $150 (roughly the equivalent of one wedding fee); many members have pledged this amount for a five-year period. If we had one hundred of these pledges, we could add $75,000 to the Fund. Others have preferred to offer one-time donations; there is also a range of planned giving opportunities through insurance policies, bequests, or gifts-in-kind. For further advice about these opportunities, please contact the Chair of the Development Committee.

The College Development Fund

The College Development Fund (CDF) was established in 1983 to provide funding for new programs and to support educational projects in RCCO Centres across Canada. In the past few years the mandate of the CDF has changed and its focus has become the encouragement of organ study, particularly for pianists interested in beginning the study of the organ.

It became obvious some years ago that fewer young people were studying the organ in our Centres and, at the same time, fewer were opting to choose the organ as their instrument at university. Thus, many Centres began offering scholarships to interest young people in beginning the study of the organ. Scholarships for beginning organists of $500 each are available to each Centre (a maximum of two scholarships per year per Centre) until available funds are exhausted. This is in addition to the scholarships which some Centres already offer.

Normally, RCCO Centres conduct local competitions and then apply to the chair of the CDF for this award (for complete information on selecting a candidate and applying for a scholarship, see appendix H in the Centre Handbook). In addition, if funds permit, the CDF may contribute up to $500 in a year to any Centre to support a Project Grant; these are administered by the Professional Development Committee.

The CDF also administers two scholarships:the Rachel Joy Brownell Memorial Bursary and the Lorna & Murray Holmes Scholarship.
The College Development Fund functions outside the operating budget of the RCCO, depending totally on members' contributions. A small donation from every member of the College would greatly increase the number of students the fund can support, and would be an important investment in the future of the College and our profession.

The RCCO General Fund

The Development Committee, in consultation with the Board of Directors and Trustees recently created a General Fund to generate contributions beyond the regular fees from individual members. Monies raised through the General Fund support the general operating expenses of the national organization, wherever there is the greatest need for additional support.

Donations to this fund are an effective way for our members, centres, supporters and other potential donors such as foundations and corporations to have a direct impact on the college and our ongoing activities. Donations to this fund can be tailored to specific projects (such as to subsidize festival registration for a young student member), or can be given to the College to be used for our current priorities.

Anyone who is interested in making a donation to the college or becoming involved with the Development Committee is encouraged to contact the Development Committee Chair, for more information.

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