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  • 28 April 2022 9:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Montreal, QC

    Asking price: Contact to discuss with seller


    Exquisite organ estimated to be from about 1883 in good working condition.

    This beautiful organ was manufactured by D.W. Karn Piano & Organ Company in about 1883 (?). They were known for building high priced, top quality instruments.

    This organ is made of heavily carved burl walnut with elaborate shelves.

    17112 painted on backside


  • 28 April 2022 9:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Toronto, ON (Pick up only)

    Asking price: $18,750.00


    Lightly used full VPO system with Hauptwerk 5 software and Sonus Paradisi Zwolle (surround) sample set.

    • 4x MIDIWorks Classic Cherry Keyboards
    • Custom cherry with ebony insert key cheeks
    • Maple Red Walnut desk and bench
    • MIDIWorks Pedlaboard
    • Red Walnut Solid Wood Bench
    • 3x MIDIWorks Swell Shoes
    • 2x Speaker Studio Monitors w/10" Passic Radior (White)
    • Fosi mini Stereo DAC and Hdph Amplifier
    • Fosi Mini Stereo Amp (100W)
    • 2x Peerless LCD Mount
    • 2x Planar Touchscreen Monitors 22"
    • i9 8-core Processor
    • 32 GB RAM
    • 1TB SSD, 2TB HDD


  • 12 April 2022 9:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Toronto, ON

    Asking price: Various, listed in description


    • Casavant 2 manual and pedal console, push and hold combination action, very good shape (photo below) - $1000.00
    • Casavant Oboe 8, 61 pipes plus windchest (needs to be tubed), 1970s. - $500.00
    • Càsavant Trumpet 8, 61 pipes, 1970s. - $300.00
    • Casavant Fagotto 16, 1/2 length, 32 pipes. 1970s - $400.00
    • Casavant Gedeckt 16/8 , stopped wood, 1927. - $300.00
    • Casavant Chimney Flute, 1-12 wood, 13 to 61 metal, 1927. - $150.00
    • Casavant Nazard 2 2/3 chimney style, metal. 1927. - $100.00
    • Casavant Voix Celeste 8, 1927. - $100.00
    • Casavant Viol d'orchestre 8 (needs a little repair). 1927. - $100.00
    • Casavant Viol Celeste ( 61 notes), matches Viol. 1927. - $100,00
    • Casavant Zimbel III, 1970s, - $300.00
    • Casavant 16 stage whiffletree swell motor, 1970s. - $400.00


  • 06 October 2021 10:01 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Ilderton, ON

    Asking price: Free


    This 2-manual 1947 Keates pipe organ was produced in London, Ontario, Canada and was installed in Vanneck United Church in the hamlet of the same name located about 20 minutes northwest of London. Vanneck United Church closed in July, 2021, only 4 years shy of its congregation’s bicentennial. The 161-year old church was purchased by one of its former members. The organ is no longer needed and he plans to remove it. It is “free”!

    This would be ideal for a small church or, as a DIY organ project for the Great Room of a private home. The organ fits quite well into its compact organ chamber which measures:

    Length: 95 in. Width: 50 Height: 103

    It was installed in 1947 to honour the veterans of WWI and WWII.

    It had significant work done on it in 1984-85. At the same time, a very old blower was installed and still functions well.

    Dimensions of the present blower:

    Length: 45 in. Width: 35 Height: 50

    In 2018-19 another major work was done on the organ.

    The final Board of Trustees noted that “the organ needs major work done on it.”

    (The façade and central organ tower will remain with the church [unless you make a deal that the owner just can’t refuse]).

    This instrument was maintained by the Schmidt Piano and Organ Co. of Kitchener, Ontario.



    Open Diapason 8
    Stopped Flute 8
    Viola 8
    Dulciana 8
    Principal 4
    Gambetta 4
    Lieblich Flute 4
    Quint 2 2/3
    Octave 2


    Lieblich Gedackt 16
    Stopped Diapason 8
    Viole di Gamba 8
    Salicional 8
    Geigen Octave 4
    Gedackt 4
    Salicet 4
    Nazard 2 2/3
    Piccolo 2
    Larigot 1 1/3


    Bourdon 16
    Gedackt 16
    Stopped Flute 8
    Cello 8
    Principal 4
    Choral Flute 4
    Fifteenth 2

    Tremulant; Crescendo


  • 01 October 2021 10:48 AM | Anonymous member

    Location: Chatham, ON

    Asking price: $12,500


    Principal Pipe Organ Co. instrument from the former Blenheim United Church, Blenheim, ON, which was razed in Jan. 2021.  It includes ranks from its 1910 Warren Church Organ Co. (Woodstock, ON) and its 1951 Woodstock Co. (Woodstock, ON).  Its stoplist is good for service accompaniment. 

    After its rescue, the organ has been completely refurbished by Don Pole (member of Chatham Centre RCCO, and former owner of Pole and Kingham Pipe Organs, Chatham) and Ron Dossenbach (member of Windsor-Essex Centre RCCO and former technician with Dodington & Dodington, Aylmer, ON).

    Solid-state combination action

    Maas Rowe chimes, 21 note

    Video sample:  https://youtu.be/YAupFxlXoKs

    Click here for more information.


  • 08 September 2021 9:52 AM | Anonymous member
    Location: Tottenham, ON

    Asking price: Free


    Pump organ made by W. Doherty & Company in Clinton, Ontario. It has been used as a home instrument. Owner is moving and therefore looking to donate the instrument.


  • 31 August 2021 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Kanata, ON

    Asking price: Free


    Playable. No speakers included. It doesn't stay in tune, and needs to be re-tuned regularly. Would make a good hauptwerk conversion candidate, or student practice instrument. Bench included.


  • 09 June 2021 9:08 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Asking price: Free


    Wurlitzer 900 Series, three manuals, two-octave pedal keyboard.  Lots of bells and whistles; in perfect working order.


  • 18 January 2021 10:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Newmarket, ON

    Asking price: $10,000


    This instrument was built for the seller in 2000. It is of Italian design and is extremely light. It comes with a carrying case that you can literally throw over your shoulder. The instrument has two 8 ft. stops.


  • 12 January 2021 11:03 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Location: Montreal, QC

    Asking price: $15,000


    Measurements/mesures :

    • Console
      • 57” 1/2 wide/large
      • 50” 1/2 depth with pedals/profond avec pédalier
      • 32” depth without pedals/profond sans pédalier
    • Speakers/haut parleurs
      • 25” 3/4 height
      • 14” 3/4 width/largeur
      • 10” 3/4 death/profondeur

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