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August 5, 2019
By: Lorne Swan
Congratulations to competition winners, honorary award recipients and examination candidates who...
We have a WINNER!
July 6, 2019
By: Lorne Swan
Congratulations to Canadian organist and composer and RCCO member Rachel Laurin.  Her...

What's New?

2018 College Elections

Date November 7, 2017 Author DataManager Categories What's New?

The election of President and Vice-Presidents of the RCCO will take place in 2018.  Recommendations to the Nominating Committee for these positions are welcome until Monday, January 8, 2018, and should be forwarded to the Nominating Committee through the National Office at

The President has a clear vision of leading the college in fulfilling its mission.  He/she has had experience in college affairs at the national level, such as serving on committees and on National Council or the Board of Directors, and/or as regional director.  A two-year term, the position entails six meetings with the Board of Directors (alternating in-person and teleconferencing), two meetings with National Council, usually held in Toronto (Spring and Fall) and one during the annual organ festival.  As well, the President represents all members in contacts with sister organ associations and other arts organizations, as well as individuals.  Some travel to Centres is expected.

The two positions of Vice-President involve membership on National Council and the Board of Directors, and substituting for the President in his/her absence.  Each Vice-President directs and coordinates work with one of the portfolios; 1) Centre Support, or 2) Communications. 

These are non-remunerative positions.  Each position is a two-year term.


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