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Summer Organ Academy 2020 Registration Now Open
February 2, 2020
By: Lorne Swan
Registration is now open for Summer Organ Academy 2020 taking place July 1-6 in Victoria, BC. ...
2020 Salary Table available
October 28, 2019
By: Lorne Swan
The 2020 table of recommended salaries is now available.  It can  be found on the Employment...


1. Why is it called a College? Does it offer music degrees?

A major activity of the College is conducting examinations at different levels and granting of diplomas to successful candidates. Diplomas range from fairly basic to professional level – see under Examinations for a complete description.

2. What does it cost to join?

There are two components to the membership fee. The National fee covers the programs, staff and expenses at the National level. In addition, each Centre can charge a Centre fee, which is used to mount local offerings such as concerts, courses etc.
The National fee, depending on type of membership, is between $49 and $115. The Centre fee varies between 0 and $40. You can determine the exact fee for the membership type and Centre affiliation that you are interested in by selecting them on this page

3. I enjoy organ music but I don’t play myself. Do I have to be an organist to join?

Absolutely not! We welcome supporters of organ music whatever their background. Local Centres present organ concerts, sometimes given by local members and sometimes with a visiting recitalist. Check out Regions & Centres for links to local websites and concert information.

4. What should I know about Performing Rights?

There are a number of misconceptions about Performing Rights, and if you are mounting a concert or other performance you should be aware of the laws. SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) administers the rules and payments - for details click here.

5. As a student I don’t have much spare change. Are there reduced rates for students?

Yes. We encourage young people to join the RCCO and so offer half-price fees for students.

6. My spouse and I are both interested in joining. Will this cost us double fees?

No. We offer Joint Membership, whereby two people resident at the same address qualify for a much reduced total fee.

7. I play at a church - is there any way I can ask them to pay my membership?

Many churches will pay the organist’s membership fee, recognizing the value of their being connected with the RCCO. In addition, the church itself may become an Institutional Member, whereby the church can nominate whoever it chooses to enjoy membership. See under Membership for benefits and details.

8. Can I join the College without joining my local Centre?

No – local activities all happen within the local Centre. The only exception is to join as an “Unassigned” member – usually because of geographic constraints.

9. Because of geography, it would be convenient if I joined two Centres. Do I pay twice?

Yes and no. Your National fee covers you for as many Centres as you wish to join, but naturally each Centre requires its own membership fee.

10. The Membership description talks about National Fees plus Centre fees. Why is that?

A Centre needs income to support its program of activities, such as concerts, social events, and educational sessions. Each Centre decides what the Centre fee should be, and they range from zero to $35 annually depending on the size and ambitions of the Centre. National fees support the overall work of the College.

11. How do I change my username if my e-mail address changes? What about password changes?

Changing your username takes place via National Office. Contact the Office Administrator by e-mail or phone. (416-929-6400). Once logged in, you can change your own password by visiting Membership - Update Profile - Privacy.

12. If I join, can I put letters after my name?

Only if you’ve earned them! If you achieve a College Diploma, then you can certainly add the appropriate letters as a qualification, such as CRCCO or ARCCO. However, simply joining the College is not in itself a qualification.

13. Do I have to join to take a College Examination for a Diploma?

Yes. Only members in good standing can take a College Examination. All the details are found under Examinations.

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