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OrgelkidsCAN is an educational project that will introduce a new generation to the wonders and music of the pipe organ by providing children an opportunity to learn about, build, and play, a miniature two-rank pipe organ.  Click here to access the OrgelkidsCAN website.

The Orgelkids program was started in 2009 by Dutch organist Lydia Vroegindeweij to give children an opportunity to learn about, build, and play, a miniature two-rank pipe organ. This program has since spread to Belgium, the United States and now the RCCO is bringing it to Canada. We’re calling our Canadian version of this program OrgelkidsCAN.

The Orgelkids organ is a complete, craftsman-built organ. It arrives in a box that contains all the required parts along with assembly instructions and a complete set of educational materials. During the building phase, which takes about an hour, children learn about the technical aspects of the mechanics of a pipe organ and discover how the sound is created. And, of course, when the organ is built, they play it! When they are done, the kit is disassembled and put back in the box for the next group of children. (Watch how it’s done here https://vimeo.com/166271700). We are thrilled that internationally acclaimed Canadian organ builders, Orgues LĂ©tourneau of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec have completed 8 orgelkits which are now available for use in the 8 regions of the College.

OrgelKidsCAN is a projection of our new vision statement – inspiring connections with organ music – and reflects our mission to engage more people in the transforming power of the organ and its music. With budget cuts to school music programmes and declining access to music, children need our help more than ever to discover the joy of music. We hope that you will be inspired to help us create this extraordinary opportunity for children to learn about and appreciate the organ and its music.

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