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Summer Organ Academy 2020 Registration Now Open
February 2, 2020
By: Lorne Swan
Registration is now open for Summer Organ Academy 2020 taking place July 1-6 in Victoria, BC. ...
2020 Salary Table available
October 28, 2019
By: Lorne Swan
The 2020 table of recommended salaries is now available.  It can  be found on the Employment...

Scholarships and Bursaries offered by Centres

Click on Centre name to view details of scholarships in that Centre.  Note that application for these scholarships must be made to the respective Centre

Annapolis Valley Centre

Calgary Centre

Edmonton Centre

Halifax Centre

Hamilton Centre

Kingston Centre

London Centre

Ottawa Centre

Thunder Bay Centre

Toronto Centre

Vancouver Centre

Victoria Centre

Windsor-Essex Centre

Winnipeg Centre


Annapolis Valley Centre

Nancy Fraser Memorial Scholarships

Martha Ausserleitner Memorial Scholarship

Mary Montgomerie Memorial Scholarship

Each year the Annapolis Valley Centre seeks applications for its scholarship program, focusing on the Annapolis Valley Music Festival, for talented keyboard players who wish to acquire organ skills. The deadline for submitting applications is May 31. The number of scholarships is usually determined by the number of applicants.

The Centre raises the funds for these scholarships by sponsoring two concerts: "Phantom of the Pipes" in the fall, "Sacred, Secular, and Silly" in the spring. Each scholarship ($300) consists of a set of organ lessons given by professional organists in the area.


Calgary Centre

The Calgary Society of Organists Scholarship Fund is administered by the Calgary Foundation, which awards funds to Calgary charities and endowments. Each year, 5% of the CSO scholarship fund is granted to the CSO to be distributed for scholarships.


Edmonton Centre

Auditions for these scholarships are normally administered in November of each year. For more information, visit the Edmonton Centre's website.

Beginning Organists Scholarships: Applicants must have a piano proficiency at the Gr. 8 level from the Royal Conservatory of Music or similar conservatory to audition. Recipients of these scholarships also become de facto Scholarship Members of the Edmonton Centre.

Pamela Farmer Beginning Organists Scholarship ($400): Open to any pianist at the Grade 6 level or beyond who is curious about the organ. The scholarship provides up to 10, 1-hour organ lessons with a local organ teacher.

Edmonton Centre Beginning Organists Scholarship ($400): Open to any pianist at the Grade 6 level or beyond who is curious about the organ. The scholarship provides up to 10, 1-hour organ lessons with a local organ teacher.

The Reg Jacka Beginning Organists Scholarship ($400)

Eileen Gordon-Bishop Scholarship ($500): A scholarship for continuing organ students towards private organ lessons, organ tuition at an institution, or toward expenses for attendance at organ workshops/festivals, including workshop fees or festival fees.

The Harry Farmer Scholarship ($1000): A scholarship for advanced organ students towards organ lessons, organ tuition at an approved institution, or for attendance at organ workshops/festivals, including workshop/ festival fees

The Bert Mulder Scholarship for Church Organists ($500): A scholarship to enable organists actively engaged as church organists to further their studies of the instrument at any level. Candidates will be actively engaged as church organists, full- or part-time and have achieved a minimum of Grade 8 piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music or similar conservatory.


Halifax Centre

The David MacDonald Organ Scholarship Fund $400

David MacDonald was a long-time member of the Halifax Centre, taught organ instruction at Dalhousie University, and was a member of faculty at the Atlantic School of Theology. During 1985 David performed the entire organ works of J. S. Bach. He passed away in the summer of 2003.

The Scholarship is to enhance the playing skills of beginning and amateur organists in organ repertoire, hymn playing, anthem accompaniment, and a better understanding of organ playing technique.

Organ instructors are typically members of the Halifax RCCO Centre. The scholarships are for eight lessons and are usually awarded in the fall of each year.

Helen Skuggedal-Reed Memorial Scholarship $1000

The Helen Skuggedal-Reed Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a student from Atlantic Canada who is pursuing organ studies at the university level. The deadline for applications is March 31 each year.


Hamilton Centre

Fairclough Scholarships:

The Fairclough Skills Development Scholarship is aimed at promising piano and organ students and is valued at $600 per year.

The Fairclough Examination Preparation Scholarship is valued at approximately $1,000 and is intended to encourage study for an RCCO or RCM diploma or certificate. The funds can be used for lessons, exam fees and music supplies.  Funding  for these two Fairclough Scholarships is provided by the Howard Fairclough Organ Scholarship Fund at the Hamilton Community Foundation. Details and Application forms are found here.

Robert Evenden Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a promising student of organ at the elementary or intermediate level. Application is made by letter, stating why s/he is applying and stating his/her music education. Scholarship Value: $600.00 Yearly. Application Deadline: June 1

YET Fund (Young Educational Travel Fund): This is awarded by the RCCO Hamilton Centre to enable recipients to attend educational events. Application is made by letter, stating the reason for applying. Value: $250.00.The recipient is required to report in the Centre newsletter about the event attended. No date deadline.


Kingston Centre

All scholarships are for 10 hours of organ lessons with an approved organ instructor and are valued at $500 each.

The Sister Emily Doherty Scholarship

The Sister Emily Doherty Scholarship is given by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingston for a beginning organ student within the Archdiocese who would like to play in a Roman Catholic Parish.

Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council of The United Church of Canada Scholarship

Offered to a beginning organist by the Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council of the United Church of Canada.

The Ted Brown Memorial Scholarship

Given by the local Centre, named for Edward Brown, former assistant organist at St Mary's Cathedral, accompanist and improviser and a loved member of the Kingston Centre, for a beginning organist.

Beginning Organist Scholarship

Through generous donations by College members and members of the public, monies are taken from the College Development Fund (CDF) to assist beginning organ students who show promise and ability playing the organ to pursue organ study. Application is made through local Centres, and the Kingston Centre awards 2 Beginning Organist Scholarships each year.


London Centre

The John McIntosh Organ Scholarship

Given in memory of Dr. John McIntosh, a long time Professor of Organ at Western University, Director of Music at St. James Westminster Anglican Church, London, Ontario, and member of the London Centre, this scholarship (value $500.00) is open to piano students aged 25 and under at the Grade 7 level or above and provides 10 one-hour lessons with a local organ teacher.


Ottawa Centre

Anthony King Scholarship ($500): Awarded each year to members of the Ottawa Centre who are planning a summer course, conference or other professional development activity.

E A Cureton Scholarship ($300): Awarded each year to members of the Ottawa Centre who are planning a summer course, conference or other professional development activity.

Arnt Loa Scholarship ($600 which can be divided): Awarded during the Kiwanis Music Festival by the Kiwanis Club in honour of Arnt Loa, one of the late members of the Ottawa Centre.

RCCO Ottawa Centre Scholarship ($500 which can be divided): Awarded during Kiwanis Music Festival for Organ performance.

Student Organ Academy Bursary: The Centre will provide up to four bursaries in the amount of $250 each to allow students under the age of 25 from Ottawa, recommended by teachers who are members of the Ottawa Centre, to attend the Student Academy which is being offered at the RCCO National Festival. See for more information.

Student Membership Grant: The RCCO Ottawa Centre is pleased to offer a one-year student membership (on a one-time basis) for any organ student meeting specific criteria. See for more information.

Student Organ Lessons Bursary: A bursary of up to $500 will be made available from the Development Fund each year for a student who demonstrates financial need to pay for organ lessons. The lessons are to be given by an RCCO member and the bursary is paid to the teacher upon completion of the lessons. See for more information.

Examination Preparation Bursary: The Ottawa Centre is offering support for centre members who wish to pursue certification from the RCCO. The Examination Bursary of $200 is intended to be used by the examination candidate to pay for a small number of lessons from a senior organist familiar with the examination requirements and standards. The lessons may be on the topics of the candidates choice (repertoire, practical tests, written tests or ear training) and the Centre can provide recommendations on appropriate teachers with experience of the standards of performance expected for successfully completing RCCO examinations.


Thunder Bay Centre

Thunder Bay Centre Scholarship ($500)

The Thunder Bay Centre has no formally named scholarships but often matches the number of scholarships offered by National for suitable candidates. This varies from year to year.

Application deadline is usually about mid-October and application forms can be obtained from the Centre president or Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Refer to under Resources>Events.


Toronto Centre

Francis and Eva Sutton Memorial Scholarship ($600): Awarded to members of Toronto Centre who achieve the highest marks in Toronto for the Colleague and Service Playing Examinations each year. Award amount is assessed annually (currently $600) and is paid to an instructor who is a Toronto Centre member for continuing organ lessons with the intention of pursuing the Associate diploma. In addition, RCCO member fees are paid for the awardee and the designated instructor for the following year.

Barwell Piano Student Scholarship (Value of the award is assessed based upon capability and need, ranging from $500 to $1000): Offered to piano students with grade 8 (RCM) or higher level who have a serious interest in studying organ. Up to three awards are given on an annual basis. Funds are paid directly to a designated organ instructor.  Application deadline is April 30 each year.  Click here for an application form.


Vancouver Centre

Yearly Organ Study Bursary ($300): A subsidy to a qualified and /or experienced organ teacher, member of the Vancouver RCCO, giving lessons to a novice performer. The intent is to allow someone displaying great potential for improvement (but limited by financial means) to better secure beneficial instruction. Securing guidance for those with an interest in pursuing church positions or active roles in public performance will benefit organ music in the city, which is one of the central aims of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. To be eligible to apply, one must be:

- A current member of the RCCO

- An organ teacher.

The Bursary must be used to provide at least six lessons (for a maximum rate of 50$/hour), which must be given within the college year. Funds do not carry forwards into following years if the Bursary is unclaimed, but teachers are eligible to apply in consecutive years whether or not the Bursary is given (and regardless of previous success or failure in applications).


Victoria Centre

John and Gladys Hart Memorial Scholarship Fund

A $500 scholarship to encourage students to learn to play the organ is offered by the Victoria Centre of the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) in selected years. The John and Gladys Hart Memorial Scholarship is available to Vancouver Island residents for beginners, continuing students, and those seeking certification upgrading.

In the years the scholarship is offered, the online application form and a general information brochure will be available for download on the RCCO Victoria Centre website at; or by contacting for an application form (emailed) between September 15-October 11. Only online applications will be considered for review.


Windsor-Essex Centre

Royal School of Church Music Scholarship: The Windsor Centre has recently been granted an amount of $1500 for 3 x $500 student scholarships from the Niagara-Huron Branch of RSCM. It is hoped this partnership will continue in future. Student recipients also receive a one year subscription to RSCM’s publications and journals.

Beginning Organ Study: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide an introduction to organ skills for pianists who have not had organ lessons previously. The candidate may, however, hold a church organist’s position. Most candidates are high school students but we have had candidates as young as twelve and adults in their thirties and forties.

Second Year Organ Study Scholarship: This scholarship is available to graduates of the Beginning Organ Study Scholarship and provides ten free lessons. There is an application form and an audition and interview. The successful candidate must become a member of the RCCO. This scholarship may be renewed.

Continuing Education Grant: This grant is intended to encourage members of the RCCO who are new to the profession to further their study of the organ and service playing. The award will defray the cost of half of a fixed number of lessons (usually ten) which must be completed within a defined time frame.

Joanne Quimby Memorial Bursary: Joanne Quimby was a member of the Windsor Centre who passed away in 2011. Her family requested donations to the RCCO. Sufficient money was donated to cover the cost of several awards in her memory. This bursary is available to organists who have achieved basic organ skills, but do not have RCCO, conservatory or university qualifications in organ performance, are employed in a church and aspire to improve their skills. The recipient must be a member of the RCCO.


Winnipeg Centre

The Winnipeg Centre Organ Scholarship ($600): The purpose of the scholarship is to provide pianists with an introduction to organ study. An audition and interview are part of the application process.  Lessons will be provided by a selected member of the Winnipeg RCCO Centre.  Deadline for applying is July 31st of each year.

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