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The Church of the Holy Trinity, White Rock, BC

14 May 2024 12:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Title: Music Director
Reports to: Rector
Hours: 20 hours per week to include Sunday and evenings as required.
Salary: Expected to be commensurate with experience and degree based upon the
Royal Canadian College of Organists recommended salaries.
Benefits: Vacation and other benefits provided in accordance with the Anglican
Church of Canada policies.
Teaching is encouraged and privileges for teaching will be granted.

Our goal at the Church of the Holy Trinity is to develop and grow a music program that
enhances our worship life, integrates the Church of the Holy Trinity with the local
community, and raises awareness of the arts while emphasizing our Anglican heritage.
The Music Director will develop, maintain, and promote the music and choir program at
the Church of the Holy Trinity. The Music Director is an integrated member of the
ministry team and should consider the position primarily as a ministry and vocation.

1. The Music Director will receive direction from and be responsible to the Rector who,
by virtue of his office, is responsible for the liturgy and music of the parish.

2. In collaboration with the Rector, Worship Committee, and Organist, the Music
Director will be expected to plan and implement music for all worship including:
a. Sunday morning worship services
b. One Sunday evensong service each month.
c. Ash Wednesday services
d. Holy Week services (including all components of the Triduum and Easter)
e. Advent and Christmas services
f. Other feast days as celebrated throughout the year (e.g., Epiphany, Candlemas,
Annunciation, Ascension, Transfiguration, Michaelmas, All Souls)

3. The Music Director will be expected to select liturgically appropriate music following
good liturgical practices in accordance with the worldwide Anglican Church and the
Anglican Church of Canada. This includes the selection of anthems, motets, or other
choral music. Hymn selection shall be done in collaboration with the Rector.

4. The Music Director will be expected to provide a music list (at least quarterly)
identifying the musical components of worship. Sunday worship music selections will
be finalized at least one week ahead of the Sunday service.

5. The Music Director will lead weekly rehearsals of the parish choir on a weekday
evening and Sunday before worship. (The choir convenes September through June.)

6. The Music Director will be expected to develop, grow, and nurture the church choir,
emphasizing the ministerial role of the choir. He/she will be expected to encourage
and foster the spiritual growth of the choir, to develop vocal ability and articulation in
choir members, and to foster fun and fellowship within the choir.

7. The Music Director will be expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings and
to attend meetings with rector to discuss the planning of the music for upcoming
worship services.

8. The Music Director will be expected to submit, manage, and adhere to a music
budget. The budget shall include: maintenance of instruments, publicity and
marketing, music, licensing, substitute organists, and sundry musicians.

9. The Music Director, with the organist, will be expected to oversee the maintenance
and care of the organ, music library, choir room, and choir vestments and report to the
Rector concerning their condition and needs.

10. The Music Director will be expected to explore the possibility of developing a
children and youth choir. Royal School of Church Music chorister program with the
end goal to incorporate the youth choir into regular Sunday worship.

11. The Music Director will be encouraged to promote church music and its education in
the parish.

12. The music director will be encouraged to maintain ties with the Royal School of
Church Music.

13. The Music Director may be asked to participate in weddings and funerals in the
church. He/she will be paid a specified fee for these services.

1. Experience and competency in vocal training and in rehearsing and directing a choir.
2. Experience in motivating and encouraging singers of various proficiencies.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills with people of all ages.
4. A keen and practical understanding and knowledge of the Anglican tradition of
liturgy, worship, and music.
5. An active faith and passion for music as a form of worship.
6. An undergraduate degree in music or certification in church music is required.
7. Broad knowledge of traditional and contemporary Anglican church music and other
music appropriate for use in worship.
8. Familiarity with alternative worship styles and new developments in worship music
appropriate for the Anglican tradition.

9. Demonstrated excellence in playing and proficiency on the organ and piano as soloist
and accompanist.
10. Experience and competency rehearsing and directing a choir from the organ bench.
11. Experience in vocal pedagogy.
12. Experience in developing and implementing musical programs and offerings outside
of regular church activities.


The Royal Canadian College of Organists

20 St Joseph St

Toronto, ON M4Y 1J9

Phone: 416.929.6400
Email: info[at]

The Royal Canadian College of Organists

20 St Joseph St

Toronto, ON M4Y 1J9

Téléphone : 416.929.6400
Courriel : info[

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