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2015 National Organ Playing Competition

The 2015 National Organ Playing Competition will be held in Winnipeg, July 5-9, 2015, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Organ Festival, annual convention of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. For the competition rules and application form, please click here.

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Members of the RCCO may access the Membership Section to view employment positions. Log in by clicking on the link at the bottom of the right hand side navigation and following the instructions and prompts.

If you would like to list an employment position please note that there is a $60 charge for a two month listing in the "RCCO Employment Positions" section. All ads placed on this listing must be prepaid. For payment options contact General Manager Sharon Adamson at 416-929-6400 or manager@rcco.ca. Click here for further information.

Supporting the RCCO - National Endowment Fund

The RCCO Endowment Fund supports the present and future work of the College. Income received from the Fund is used in various ways: to increase the effectiveness of existing programs, to expand services, and to prepare to meet new challenges in the future. Among the activities supported are the Travelling Clinician Programme ($4000), travel assistance for College officers ($4000), Publications ($10,300), Project Grants ($1000), Examinations ($1000), and various others, for a total of $24,500 annually. To request further advice about these opportunities, please contact the National Office or email Nick Fairbank at fairbank@islandnet.com.


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